The Queensland Bulk Handling coal terminal has been operating at the Port of Brisbane for 30 years and is committed to responsibly managing its local environment.

Environmental Management System

QBH's Environmental Management

QBH's Environmental Management System supports environmental performance by increasing awareness, optimising operational control, monitoring compliance and enabling continuous improvement.

The system is based on scientific studies, internal and external environmental expertise, extensive operational experience, environmental guidelines, advice provided by various statutory authorities, and best practice environmental management approaches.

Key features of our program include:

  • End-to-end environmental management integrated into all phases of project planning and delivery
  • Programs that address noise, air, dust, water, waste, energy, flora and fauna, and the broader local environment
  • Investment in detailed studies to ensure all potential environmental impacts are understood and control strategies employed to address them
  • Ongoing monitoring programs to ensure that our actions align with our intentions and comply with statutory limits
  • Evaluation of new and innovative environmental control measures for potential implementation and continual improvement through performance reviews
  • Consultation with external stakeholders to strengthen our performance and contribution

Environmental monitoring initatives are in place at QBH

Dust Management

QBH meets all conditions under the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994 and all other relevant environmental statutory requirements. The company undertakes proactive dust deposition monitoring at sites adjoining suburbs to the Port of Brisbane.

In addition to our monitoring program, QBH uses several operational strategies in relation to dust where required, including the use of water sprayers and controlled loading and unloading techniques.

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