Major milestone for QBH & the New Hope Group

27 January 2012

QBH and the New Hope Group have bounced back from the severe weather events of 2011 to celebrate a major milestone with the export of its 50 millionth tonne of coal this week.

New Hope Managing Director and CEO Rob Neale was joined by Queensland Bulk Handling Chairman David Hall and Port of Brisbane Chief Executive Officer Russell Smith to witness the event at the QBH terminal.

“Reaching this 50 million tonne export figure is a fantastic achievement for the companies, and it also represents an excellent recovery from the flood events we encountered just 12 months ago,” Mr Neale said.

“This really is a brilliant performance and it’s a credit to everyone in the New Hope Group and our partners, especially when you consider the rail link from our New Acland mine on the Darling Downs was closed for 11 weeks during and after the floods in early 2011.”

Mr Neale said the 50 million tonne milestone also comes hot on the heels of another company milestone – when export sales during 2011 exceeded 5 million tonnes for the first time in New Hope’s history.

The MV Prabhu Das has the honour of carrying New Hope’s 50 millionth export tonne and it will transport the coal to China.

New Hope exports its coal through its 100 percent-owned export ship loading facility at Queensland Bulk Handling (QBH) at the Port of Brisbane.

Mr Neale also thanked the Port of Brisbane for their continued cooperation in enabling New Hope to export coal through Brisbane which creates significant benefit for the South East Queensland region.